Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Book in Me

A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to start writing the book I've been thinking about for a year or two. I had read in a magazine that the entire plot wasn't necessary to have in mind to start writing. So, I declared the start of my book. I excitedly told my husband what I wanted to do. To my surprise he started grinning and I inquired as to his reaction. He said the week before he was ordering books from Amazon and saw two books that he thought I might enjoy and he ordered them for me. He was going to surprise me with them. But now, he said he had to tell me. The first book was "Will Write for Shoes, How to Write a Chick Lit Novel" and the second book was another how-to-write-a-novel by Janet Evanovich. What perfect and wonderful confirmation that I was to write this book. And to my delight, my idea was a definately chick lit, so I had my genre already established. I started writing that very night, even before the books arrived. I have enjoyed planning my characters, plots and twists. I try to write as often as possible but some days slip by without a typed word. It's frustrating when that happens but I also turn that time into more planning and thinking about the story. The books my husband had ordered have arrived and I'm still busy reading them. They are a wonderful help and full of ideas I wasn't aware of. I am looking forward to having a revised manuscript in hand and on it's way to a publisher. Wish me great success!

Baby and Me

What a joy I have to look forward to every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon! Little three month old Abbi arrives at our house to play with Grandma (and sometimes Grandpa, too) for a few hours. Her daddy drops her off on his way to work and Abbi keeps me entertained until her mommy gets off work. I'm learning all the likes and dislikes of this new little family princess. The first thing I learned is that if the temperature of the bottle isn't "exactly right" she will fuss and not take it. Once I get it perfectly at "her required temperature", not too hot and not too cold, she will happily drink it down. Next, I can expect an overflow from little Abbi. A little burp can easily preceed a milky drip down my blouse, pants, even surrounding my watch as it continues it's path to the floor. I always have a burp cloth or towel very close by when a bottle has been had! Once Abbi has been well fed, she is a happy little princess and she coos and smiles and plays with her baby toys. Fisher Price toys gets another round of entertaining in our home once again! As soon as Abbi starts to squirm, I've learned a secret to getting her to quietly drift off to sleep. I offer her a pink Binkey and I hold her closely in my right arm and gently kiss her little cheek, up the side of her face to her forehead. She must like this as she closes her eyes and is sweetly asleep in no time at all. Now as a Grandma, I can get by sitting in the rocker and holding Abbi for the total duration of her nap. As the rest of the family is aware, if one tries to put her down, her nap will be very short lived. While she is so tiny, there is nothing I'd rather be doing anyway than cuddling my littlest granddaughter. Her cousins, Jeb and Maddie, will be here in just a few short weeks. They are so excited to be meeting their baby cousin. What a party we will have! Babies are the best of God's wonderful creation! I've been so blessed to have nurtured so many little ones in my life!