Monday, June 28, 2010

Sad neglect no more

I love my Traveling Tea Lady blog but I have gotten sidetracked from it in the past years. Since my adventurous trip to Alaska the last 2 weeks with Beth, I have a new resolve to write. I was so inspired by the travel writers, tweeters and photographers on the Princess Cruises P.R. Twitter trip. The people I hung out with were mostly young professionals with lots of enthusiasm and brain power.

One of the Tweeters has a web site and business called "MidLife Road Trip". Rick and his wife, Denise were on this trip and I loved meeting them. Rick follows people as they realize their mid-life wishes fulfilling their bucket lists. This got me thinking about what would be on my list. I had a weak dream board wish list but nothing I was very excited about. I reminded myself of all the awesome things I've already been blessed with and have done so I decided I want to make two lists: 1)Things I've Done and 2)Things To Do.
I also realized I live in rather a small world. I have no idea of some of the possibilities of things to put on a "to do" list. This past week I rode in a helicopter and landed on Yanert Glacier in Alaska. Doing something like this was not even on my radar. I had no idea something like this could be done. It turned out to be a life changing experience standing on frozen tundra so isolated that only a helicopter could get me there. The silence, the beauty can't be described in words. I can only say I felt exuberant seeing this heavenly glory.

My goal now is to continue to find this exuberance in my everyday world. I will watch with new eyes, a camera in hand and live in expectation of what each day brings. Meanwhile I will continue to write out my "to do" list and start working at crossing things off.