Sunday, September 14, 2008

My first Parrot Head Club Meeting

Last night I had Rex drive me to the other end of Denver for a "Colorado Parrot Head Club" meeting. It's for Jimmy Buffett fans. There are 300 registered members but this monthly meeting usually gets 30-70 people on the enclosed patio of a very nice Mexican restaurant. There was a 3-man band from some of the members and drinks and dinner. I met people that I've seen on line on "" . It was so fun. On the way home, we stopped while Rex ran into the store so I took out a book and kicked off my shoes and waited. The rest of the way home, I noticed how uncomfortable my shoes were....probably because I didn't have any socks/hose on with them. I couldn't wait to get home to get them off. They are nice shoes and they never bothered me before. So, finally back at home, I went to take my shoes off and I realized the problem....they were on the wrong feet!!!!!! Don't ask how many margaritas I had!!!!!