Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Margaritaville Party

I won, I won!
What a joyous thing to win a Margaritaville Party! Many of my party friends have asked me how I won. So here's my story and details on the Memorial Day weekend national event.

http://www.houseparty.com/ has a variety of parties that one can apply for. I've applied for a Chocolate Bliss party and a Gerber party but didn't win either of those. When I saw a "Margaritaville Party" being offered as something to apply for, I had a feeling that I had a chance to win, this time. I had passion for this kind of party, with my name being "Rita" and all!

The first page of the application asked some basic questions such as "why should you win this party" and "what was the largest number of people you've had at a party" and "have you ever used email or the computer for sending party invitations"? After submitting that page, the next page of questions asked if I won this Margaritaville party, what would I do to make it special? I answered that I would have lots of Jimmy Buffet music, a BBQ (i.e. Cheesburgers in Paradise), invite guests to dress in tropical attire, etc. Next page gave me hope that I "might" win. The first question was "do you like Jimmy Buffet music?" Ah ha, I had already given the right answer on the page I had just submitted so I set my sights on winning this one!

A few weeks later I received an email that said I was a finalist for a Memorial Day weekend Margaritaville party. There had been 13,000 applicants and only a thousand people would be chosen. To win, I had to set up a party, complete with emailed invitations. I didn't even set my laptop computer down, instead I immediately set about planning a party. As I was putting in email addresses, another email arrived saying "You are a winner"!

For my winnings, I received a total of 3 large boxes. The first box contained a $300 Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker. The second box contained another $80.00+ worth of accessories, including a carrying bag, extra pitcher and ice container for the concoction maker, 50 ounce mixing bottle, a salt and lime tray, two shot glasses, 15 leis, 12 metallic drink umbrellas, a salt tin and coasters. There were party recipe books and information along with brochures for the party guests to get $50.00 off their own orders of a Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker. Everything came with a Margaritaville decal or label on it. It was all top quality and very impressive.

The third box was an unexpected surprise sent out a few days before the Memorial Day weekend of parties. In that final box, I received a red Las Vegas Margaritaville T-shirt (wore it at the party), a large, yellow Land Shark flag, a Margaritaville pitcher and 4 glasses, a Jimmy Buffett CD, Margaritaville tatoos, and Land Shark coasters. This was a most generous company to win a party with. Yay Margaritaville.com!

Once the party was set up, I had access to the House Party web site to manage my rsvps and to send messages to my party invitees. Pictures were posted and blogs and comments posted.

Here are a few of my Margaritaville Blog posts as the party was in preparation and after the event!

It's HERE!! The Margaritaville Party "Key West Frozen Concoction Maker" arrived today! It came with wonderful embellishments so be sure to come and celebrate with us! Rex says "we need to build a kitchen around this machine." It's awesome!

Woo Hoo for Mother's Day I received "margarita glasses" party lights for the patio. These will perfectly add the perfect touch to my decor of a thatched umbrella and "Welcome to Paradise" signs and parrot and "Parrot Head Hwy" sign! I have my Jimmy Buffet music playing to keep the fun in motion!

We did it! We partied in Margaritaville! All 36 of us kept the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction machine whirling! We had 15 virtual party guests and many who had to send their regrets. We will just have to do it again so those who missed can join in the fun! A special Hooray for Andrew who was the ultimate drink master! He did an awesome job keeping everyone happy with their individual drink orders. We had lots of special guests but the one who came the farthest was Simon from Switzerland! Glad you could join us! The spinning-out-of-control chocolate fountain was something to see! Thanks Steve for your attempts to control it at your chocolate-covered expense! I've never seen anything like THAT before! I think it helped to make the party memorable! Thanks for coming everyone! It wouldn't be a grand party without YOU! Cheers!

The Margaritaville Concoction Maker, sits proudly on my kitchen island. It's already been out on loan for Sarah's bridal shower. The handy carrying case makes it an easy party favor. I continue using this lovely machine, even to make my breakfast shakes. Alcohol in it can be optional, you know! If you come to visit me, be sure and ask for a concoction. I'm getting well versed on delicous drinks of all kinds. Who needs food when a frozen drink is at hand? Cheers!